Los Paisas

About Us

That’s what we are Paisas. In Colombia Paisas are people that come from Antioquia. We came from Medellin in 2001 and landed in Florida. Lived there for 10 years and then the California Adventure began in 2011. The first thing we noticed was that there really weren’t any Colombian Restaurants here and that the Colombian community was very disperse. So around 2014 we started having small events at our home. And people would always say where should we meet and the answer was “Donde Los Paisas” , that translates to “at los paisas place”. We kept the name, and basically created the unofficial Colombian consulate in Milpitas. So Once a month people come together tell stories, laugh and meet others all around a delicious plate.

Around 2016, we had established this tradition, and decided to expand to several festivals, At San Francisco’s Carnaval we discovered that thousands of people of many nationalities enjoyed our food and so it was decided to share our food with others via catering services. Many different companies in the bay area have tried our food Apple, PayPal, Nutanix, Tesla amongst others.

Our customers liked our food so much that we started getting requests to help them with their food needs at parties and social events. So we created a specialized menu for those occasions

For Donde Los Paisas the most important thing is to bring a plate that can represent the authentic Colombian Flavor and the most important seasoning is our love on every plate.

Social Events Catering

Don’t fret about your guests. DLP has an offering for all your culinary needs, everything is prepared to your exact needs and preferences. We love to help you in your wedding, anniversary, birthday or just friends over.

Corporate Catering

We offer corporate catering for any of your events. Our menus are a fusion of Colombian cuisine and others. Let us help in your Cocktails, product launches, Backstage food or just that afternoon meeting that everybody hates but good food always keeps them coming back.

Pop Up Events

DLP’s culinary offering are open to everyone once a month. Just make sure you preregister for the event so you can get the address and be on the inside of this great events. No secret password required.