We bring the authentic flavor of the Colombian Cuisine to you.
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Come and enjoy one of our Pop up Events.
Typical Colombian Food, Music and Laughs.


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Party Catering

Don’t Worry about your guests! DLP has all the food you need to make your party a hit and your celebrations memorable.

Corporate Catering

Our Corporate Catering is inspired on Colombian cuisine with a fusion twist. You do that meeting .We’ll do the food.


Donde Los Paisas has been offering a monthly pop-up event in the bay area, when you come you will enjoy the best and most traditional Colombian food, conversation and a good time.

Some of Colombian’s favorite Dishes

To Offer the best of Colombian cousine with authentic flavors and Also fusion style meals, to our current and future customers.

Bandeja Paisa

For every Colombian the Bandeja Paisa is the National Dish. Every bite is a short trip back home. How could it not be, Stacked with Chorizo, Shredded Beef, Pork Belly and Fried Egg. Add to that rice and Beans and some delicious sweet fried plantains if you thought that was it you are wrong cause you will need avocado and an arepa to finish it off. At the end of this dinner you should be able to say “Ave maria, parcero” with confidence.


Ajiaco is the tradtional dish for the people of Bogota, this city sits over 8,000 ft above sea level and a nice warm soup is always welcome , This soup has a thick consistency and is made from 3 different types of potatoes and Chicken, add corn on the cob and delicious mountain spices. To top it add cream and capers. And you will have a feel good in the heart soup.

Seafood Cazuela

A cazuela is a dish that is traditional on both the atlantic and pacific coast of Colombia. Shrimp, fish, clams, calamari. all cooked in a coconut based stew and optional parmesan au Gratin. If you are seafood fan this is your plate.

Creole Steak on Horseback

As a traditional Colombian dish. It is basically is a piece of deliciously seasoned steak with a tomato and onion sauce, topped with a fried egg. We serve it with white rice and ripe plantain on the side. As far as the interesting name, The Egg is riding that steak all the way to your mouth.

The Empanadas

Colombia’s favorite finger food. Anywhere you go in Colombia you will find an empanada sale. This traditional food is made with a fried crispy corn shell stuffed with potatoes, onions, tomato and a choice of beef, chicken or chickpeas. You wil definitely want a dipping sauce and nothing is better than the traditional aji.

Sandwich Paisa

This is an incredible mix of plates: a Patacon or Green Fried plantains is used as the bread and you get a stuffing of what looks like a mini bandeja paisa. You can call this concoction your new all-time favorite sandwich.

Stuffed Chicken

This chicken is deboned and seasoned first then stuffed with carrots, peas, more chicken and then baked in the oven. If there is a better way to make a chicken this is it. This is awesome for a family dinner that really wants some leftovers for the next day. Now if you are thinking Thanksgiving it can easily be done with a turkey too.

Pork Loin

In Colombia it’s not Christmas if you are not eating pork, with about 3 days of marinating and several hours of oven this pork is tender and delicious. If you use the Caribbean sauce you can definitely get some nice spicy kick. Who said New Year’s Dinner or Anniversary?

A really Good Beefsteak

Nothing beats eating an awesome steak. Tender, full of flavor and with side dishes that compliment every bite. We use high grade Halal beef and cook it just right.

There is something to be said about the egg, Just right, crispy on the outside but soft enough for the yolk to add flavor to the whole dish.

You should already be hungry !!! Give us a call for our next event.

A Colombian Arepa, this is what you call a Lunchbox.

Enjoy our incredible Stuffed Arepa, add some plantains chips and a delicious homemade cookie. This lunch is filling, easy to eat on the go and always delicious. Give it a try any day.